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Posted: June 19, 2016

About Leafshield

Leafshield Gutter Protection QLD has been operating in QLD since 1995. We are a family owned business providing personalised before and after service. If you choose Leafshield we promise to install the most appropriate gutter guard product for your specific problem.
From our Warehouse in Brisbane and our offices throughout Qld and NSW we service from Ballina to Rockhampton and as far west as Oakey and Woolongong to Newcastle and as far west as the Blue Mountains


We provide a genuine guarantee based on a proven product history. 15 years on materials and workmanship


Our gutter guards are very effective at reducing fire hazards. Especially fires that originate from bush fires


Get quality & reliable services. We have been installing gutter guards since 1995



Cover your valleys and gutters with Leaf Shield


Winds and heavy rain have lashed the Sydney Region again which is why you need to ensure that stormwater on your roof is going where it should.

If you have stormwater coming into your roof from either your gutters or your valleys being blocked, you can end up with some big problems,” owner of Leaf Shield Gutter Protection Ms Blundell said.

Leaf Shield Gutter Protection can offer its customers a range of products that can keep your valleys and gutters flowing beautifully in the heaviest of downpours.

Valleys often get overlooked, but if leaves and debris build up here, water can be forced in under tiles or corrugated iron roofing and you can end up with internal damage.

“Insurance companies and repairers say that many homeowners could have prevented internal water damage if their homes had been guarded.”


Ms Blundell said her company is finding it is not just owner-occupiers but also those with holiday or rental houses who are turning to Leaf Shield Gutter Protection to help make sure the inside of their ceiling cavities stay dry.

“Especially with occupational health and safety, landlords need to make sure their tenants are not risking personal injury when it comes to keeping homes watertight and our products are a big help in that department.”

Leaf Shield Gutter Protection is one of the few companies that can supply and fit a successful valley guard product.  Leaf Shield valley system uses saddles along the entire length of the valley on metal roofs.  On tile valleys, the mesh is installed under the tiles and across the entire valley.  This stops the leaves from blocking the valleys and allows the rainwater to run down the valley gutter, as designed.

“Our system allows leaves to simply slide off the roof instead of blocking the gutters.”

Leaf Shield installs a variety of gutter guard meshes made from heavy duty UV rated Australian-made polyethylene, aluminium and stainless steel.  Each mesh has various benefits to suit different situations.

Leaf Shield has been operating  since 1995 so 2015 is our 20th Anniversary. Leafshield  started out with just a polyethylene mesh to offer its domestic and commercial customers.

“We soon realised people were calling for a range of products, including ones that let more water through, and ones that were fire rated for maximum protection, which is where the diamond aluminium product comes in,” she said.

According to the CSIRO, the thick and strong diamond aluminium mesh has a flammability index of zero, meaning it will not allow burning embers from a bushfire to start a fire in our gutters.

The CSIRO ratings go from zero to five, and Leaf Shield’s fine leaf stainless steel and aluminium mesh are rated one, giving excellent protection in all but the most extreme bushfire situations.  It will also keep out the smallest debris, including pine needles and jacaranda leaves.

Leaf Shield Gutter Protection of any type, also forms a barrier to creatures like mice, possums and birds, and keeps plant debris out of your gutters.  Hence allowing you to harvest rainwater without having to climb on to the roof and scrape or dig out composted matter.

Leaf Shield Gutter Protection has a team of sales representatives and fitters who service Penrith and surrounding areas.

Cleaning gutters is dangerous so Leaf Shield offers a free gutter clean with every installation.  All our fitters have white cards and have many years experience installing gutter guard.

Leaf Shield products come with a 15-year warranty on metal products and a 10-year one on polyethylene when installed by Leaf Shield fitters.

“Buyers can install the product themselves, but we prefer to do the installation because then we can stand by our product for the life of our warranty if we know it’s been fitted correctly.”

“We stock a considerable amount of product in our warehouse in Banyo, and we can work with tradies to help them meet deadlines if they find they are in a situation where they need it in a hurry.”


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